28 August 2011

i'm officially (finally) a peace corps...applicant!

Original Transmission: 26 January 2011

Dearest Friends & Family,

After 6+ years of thinking, talking, and dreaming about it, I have finally done it - I've submitted my application to be considered for a term of service as a Peace Corps volunteer. As you all well-know, getting to this point has not been easy. There have been many ups-and-downs and countless uncertainties along the way. The path before me is still not yet certain, but this is an all-important first step, and a very significant one for me. I want to thank each of you for the role you have played in getting me to this point. Without your support, encouragement, and especially your love, I'm not sure my dream would have gotten this far.

There is still a wide space between this moment and when I might finally set-up shop overseas (I'm estimating 12-18 months), but I'm sure that time will pass rather quickly. I will keep you all posted as my journey progresses. Again, thank you all so much!

With love,


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