21 May 2013

in daylights, in sunsets

 Six days in, my roommate and budding friend, Michael, lost his grandfather. We hadn’t even departed Addis for our training towns yet and already someone had experienced one of those things you hope not to experience in Peace Corps. The rest of us did what we could, refraining from internet use during the funeral so Michael could tune in. Four days prior, Michael and I made a dream catcher for Zack, who had suffered some of the most absurd nightmares I’ve ever heard recounted at the hands of mefloquine. Four days after losing his grandfather, Michael would talk me through my first “ultra distance” spat with my fiancĂ©, a welcome inevitability in the quest to help each other maintain sanity throughout our separation. We were all, ostensibly, doing what we could. 

17 May 2013

and on the 345th day, he created a metallica playlist

         So that's me. And I just made a Metallica playlist. It rocks. It's been on my to-do list for a while now, and I've been keeping good notes while rockin' out with that mop on my head. In case your world is lookin' for a little rockin' of its own, here's the list (20 main set songs for 20 days 'til one year in Ethiopia, I s'pose):